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Curing Rack Systems

The most intelligent system for curing concrete products.


  • Quality-Rack-Design “Made in Germany” with a high durability
  • Proven rack construction with experience from more than 2000 installations worldwide
  • Prepared for sensor- and measuring technology
  • From standard construction kits to individual solutions everything from one source
  • Fast, safe and easy assembly due to ROTHO modular construction (Original Clip-in technology)
  • Preparation for air circulation - and concrete curing system – ProCure – are all possible


  • Indoor version for installation within existing building structures
  • Outdoor version – independently constructed – with integrated outer cladding
  • Earthquake-proof design
Pallet Buffer & Mould Storage Systems


  • Process-integrated and highly stable storage systems for moulds and production boards
  • Quality-Rack-Design “Made in Germany” with a high durability
  • Individual solutions for automatic and manual operation
Air Circulation Systems

For improved quality results and reduced curing times.


  • Highest circulation capacity for uniform temperature- and humidity distribution
  • Long service life due to high quality aluminum design
  • Reduction of condensation
  • Optionally prepared for retrofitting of concrete curing system – ProCure
  • Retrofittable, even in existing production facilities
Concrete Curing System: ProCure

For all-season consistently high quality results and reduced curing times due to active heating and humidification.


  • 365 days a year the climate according to the desired parameters
  • More consistent colour results
  • Less efflorescence
  • Cement cost savings
  • Reduced edge breakage
  • Maintenance-friendly and energy efficient
Sound Protection Systems

For noise-optimized enclosure of concrete block machines


  • Reduction of the noise level down to 85 dB (A)
  • Retrofitting even in existing plants
  • From standard construction kits to individual solutions everything from one source
  • Comprehensive equipment program (Sliders, tunnels, windows)
  • Upgradable with dust extraction system
  • Design in different RAL-colour hues
Separation Wall Systems

For thermal separation of wet- and dry side.


  • Individual planning and customization to factory structures
  • Design in different RAL-colour hues
  • Comprehensive equipment program (Doors, windows etc.)
Control & Switchboard Room Systems

Best working conditions for staff and plant equipment.


  • Noise reduction down to 75 dB (A)
  • Comprehensive equipment program
  • Modern LED lighting
  • Optionally designed in different RAL-colours
  • Fire protection possible (F30 / F60 / F90)
Dust Extraction Systems

Dust reduction especially for the production process of concrete products.


  • Electronic cleaning automatic
  • Robust and durable filter system
  • Modular expandability
  • Variable positioning
  • Maintenance-friendly and energy efficient
ROTHO Control

Specific developed control system according to the requirements of a concrete products production.


  • Easiest operation of complex processes
  • Available as a mobile Cloud and on-premise software solution
  • Worldwide online data access and ROTHO support
  • Delta T control
  • Zone control for Big Chambers
  • Graded access permissions

Collect, display and analyze data to ensure the highest product quality.


  • Sensor-based data basis for the optimization of concrete products.
  • 3D representation of humidity- and temperature fields in the curing rack.

Tradition and innovation...
Or: Employees who know
what they're doing.

Best conditions for the best quality concrete blocks.

For more than 70 years, ROTHO provides solutions for the concrete block industry worldwide. We understand our clients' high pressure caused by the competition on the dynamic market and are aware of the constant technological development in order to further increase the plants effectiveness.

We recognize the importance of a secure production environment. We are constantly furthering the development of our ROTHO systems in order to increase production levels and prevent downtimes. Together we create perfect conditions for a higher quality of concrete blocks.



The average tenure of our employees is 25 years. This experience is used by our customers in more than 50 countries worldwide to operate their concrete block plants faster, more efficiently and in a secure environment.



In today's fast-paced, uncertain future, one thing is certain: the amount of data generated, evaluated and used will not decline. On the contrary, the number of sensors and algorithms will continue to rise within concrete block and paver plants. Even today, ROTHO offers unique intelligent systems that optimize concrete stone production plants using digital tools.



Neunkirchen, Siegerland - the home of ROTHO. We know our roots and have been a reliable partner for our customers for more than 100 years. ROTHO customers can be sure that spare parts and service will always be available in the future.



Together we create the best conditions. Not just for concrete blocks. Reliable and trusting business relationships are even more important in an increasingly digitized world. The ROTHO business model is designed for long-term and sustainable success in close cooperation with our customers. We supply systems and projects that inspire our customers.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Mr. Andreas Priebs
Sales management for industrial plants
Tel. +49 2735 788 544

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