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The QUATRO® system is composed of independent internal dryer cases. These are formed by self-contained wall and ceiling boarding. All connecting branches for conduits, etc. are constructed at our plant. The spaces between the internal chamber cases and to the outer casing are filled completely thermal-bridge-free with insulating material. If necessary, an insulating structure for the floor is provided. QUATRO® guarantees perfect control of the drying process at all times.
The building system can be used for both chamber dryers and tunnel dryers.

QUATRO® variants
The QUATRO® system is designed for all types of dryers and can be supplied with a building height of up to 10 m. The ceiling boards are self-contained with a span of up to 11 m.
In case of considerable loads applied on the ceiling, a light-weight supporting construction within the building is used. The standard QUATRO® system is dimensioned for usual loads arising from assemblies and superstructures. Additionally, a working load of 150 kg/m2 is admissible. The ceiling covering consists of heavy-duty plates and its total surface is accessible. QUATRO® is compatible with all current ventilating systems.

QUATRO® insulation
The thermal-bridge-free building system guarantees optimum insulation: k-value 0.4 W/(m2 K). An internal temperature of 150°C results in an external temperature of only about 7°C above the ambient temperature in the standard model. The insulation consists of mineral-insulating material with compression rigidity and water-repellent properties.

Assembly and sealing system
  • Pre-fabricated components allow efficient and quick assembly.
  • The complete dryer is assembled by screwing the shells together successively.
  • All sealing is carried out after aligning and fastening the complete building.
  • Our building system guarantees a perfect rigid and sealed structure.
  • The flange connections form an ideal joint to receive the permanently elastic sealing Material.
  • All sealing surfaces are inside the dryer and, thanks to their free accessibility, guarantee a safe seal, which can be checked at any time.
  • The special corner wall design eliminates all sealing problems in the corners of the dryer.

  • Low heat storage
  • Thermal-bridge-free construction
  • High tightness
  • High temperature resistance: standard design up to 150°C, custom design up to 250°C
  • Removable and reusable
  • The entire surface of the ceiling covering is accessible and highly resistant to mechanical stresses
  • High corrosion safety / condensation-free internal surfaces
  • Quick assembly
  • 5 years warranty