tile industry


A firm basis through

analysis and optimization

ROTHO meets the increasing requirements for consultation services, not only by considering the optimum operation of existing dryers but also the sound design of new plants.


  • Improved product quality
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Enhanced performance

In addition to the necessary ceramic knowledge regarding raw material suitability and the advantages and disadvantages of ventilation and heating systems, the ROTHO team also possesses practical experience in the production of roof tiles, clay blocks and facing bricks.

Core consulting activities:

  • Evaluation of raw material
  • Optimization of raw material mixtures
  • Preparation of achievable drying curves in the mobile test dryer
  • Measurement of airflow profiles in the dryer cross section
  • Recoding new drying curves in the operating dryer
  • Preparation of energy and mass balances
  • Reporting improvement potentials at existing plants
  • Selection of the optimum drying system for new plants