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save time

For many years, ROTHO has been intensely occupied with the quick drying of bricks. Shorter drying times are possible only if internal stresses resulting from differences in shrinkage are reduced. Therefore, quick drying also means gentle drying. Due to higher mass and heat transfer, quick drying also reduces energy consumption.

As a result of extensive fundamental research, the ROTHO quick drying concept has been further developed and is now ready for use in the production of clay blocks and facing bricks with the designation XStream Brick. Quick drying is achieved by optimum flow profiles for the different brick types and the individual treatment of every single brick.

For this purpose, clay blocks and facing bricks are placed at a cross angle to the direction of advance on drying support units in drying cars. In this process, the single layers of bricks are positioned to optimize flow both through and around the clay body.

For an equal flow distribution, ROTHO XStream Brick uses dryer cars with integrated baffle plates. Thanks to the compact arrangement of the bricks, the XStream Brick requires only half of the construction area compared to other quick dryers.