tile industry


Standard or accessory units

The individual standard

As the leading manufacturer of support units for the roof tile industry, ROTHO produces up to 100,000 support units per year. Each single project is handled individually and implemented in accordance with its SEC (Save Energy Concept).
The SEC principle is based on intelligent constructive solutions in sheet metal forming to produce tiles that are low-weight without sacrificing dimensional stability. This results in reduced heat absorption of the roof tile support units and protection of the plant during its operation.

More than 1.5 billions roof tiles are dried every year on ROTHO drying support units.


  • Optimal design in cooperation with the customer
  • Intense project monitoring based on decades of experience
  • High air permeability
  • Optimum economy of space for the maximum number of setting places
  • High dimensionally stability at low own weight thanks to intelligent design solutions (SEC)
  • Reduced load applied to the plant and lower heat absorption
  • High precision of the supporting faces
  • Optimum design of the supporting areas for different types of tiles